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Intelligent lighting controls have become the infrastructure backbone of smart buildings, campuses, and facilities, brining innovative energy savings and next generation lighting features to commercial entities. Lighting controls can create operational flexibility for your facilities lighting and promote energy management and savings all while supporting your employee and customer needs.

The Power of Lighting Integration

Even with todays advanced LEDs and their energy efficiency, lighting can still be one of a commercial and industrial facilities most significant operational expenses. The average U.S. commercial building’s electrical consumption for lighting is between 17% and 24%, making it the largest end use of electricity besides HVAC. Whether you have one, or hundreds of facilities across the U.S., without utilizing lighting controls for your facilities, you are wasting energy and racking up additional energy expenses every second of the day.

With the power of lighting controls properly integrated into your facility you could cut your lighting related energy bill in half. That’s right, you read that correctly. You could save 50% of your current energy costs related to lighting.

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Our Lighting Control Solutions

Lighting controls come in many forms and, if done correctly, can be customized to fit any organization’s needs, but not all lighting controls are made equal, and without a solid strategy, you may not reach your desired savings once implemented.

Many lighting control strategies layer multiple controls to achieve the desired energy savings and owner requirements. Action Services Group customizes your strategy and controls to address occupancy comfort, visual needs, and energy management.

Here are a few of the different types of lighting controls, from simple to advanced, that can be customized and layered to fit your organizational needs.

Occupancy Sensors Icon_Dark Grey

Occupancy Sensors

These simple but powerful sensors ensure that your lights are only on when someone is occupying a room. This lighting control can easily be added to an individual fixture or an entire room. They are perfect for areas that are not constantly in use; individual offices, storage areas, conference rooms, restrooms, and stairwells. They can even be used in parking lots, garages, and in wall packs!

Daylight Harvesting Icon_Dark Grey

Daylight Harvesting

There are a lot of building designs that are perfect for implementing daylight harvesting controls. These controls automatically adjust your lighting based on the available daylight coming through your windows. As the sun rises and sets, or cloud cover and inclement weather happen, these lighting controls maintain the predetermined light levels for the given space.

Astronomical Time Clock Icon_Dark Grey

Astronomical Time Clock

Often used for safety reasons where the lighting must be on at specific times during the day and night. This lighting control is pre-programmed with specific light levels and based on the date and time of day. Think after-hours safety lighting or parking lot lighting automatically set to come on at dusk.

Trim and Task Tuning Icon_Dark Grey

Trim and Task Tuning

These lighting controls offer a wide range of use. The controls set the maximum lighting level based on set requirements in a particular room or even zone. The task tuning then analyzes the needed light in each space and dims certain areas based on conditions. This is great for large areas that have multiple functions, like an open concept office that needs dimmed lighting over the area containing your computers.

Networked Lighting Controls Icon_Dark Grey

Networked Lighting Controls

Networked lighting controls are a more advanced system that links multiple luminaries, spaces, and basic lighting controls together. These networked lighting controls combine your LED lights, controls, and data to create a more flexible system that can be controlled from a central location. These advanced systems often include things like blue tooth mesh and AI interfaces to improve your overall energy management and savings.

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Additional Lighting Control Resources

We understand the lighting control problems facing organizations in todays fluctuating markets. For example, there are an abundance of lighting control products and solutions available to commercial organizations. The decisions before you can seem endless, and your questions are sure to be mounting. Below are a few additional resources that we think might help, and you can always schedule a call to speak with one of our lighting control experts!

More Resources - Value Engineering the Right Way

Value Engineering the Right Way

Why do lighting upgrades and lighting control projects often cause project delays or added costs? It’s a question with a few possible answers. But one of the main reasons is your value engineering for the project did NOT account for many common lighting project variables.

In this lighting control resource we review the most common delays that are adding additional costs to your project, as well as potential problems with your value engineering, and 6 tips for a successful value engineered lighting control project.

Read the full article here.


More Resources - The 4 Tiers in Commercial Lighting Control Systems

The 4 Tiers in Commercial Lighting Control Systems

Commercial lighting control systems give building owners the freedom to adjust color and brightness, maximize efficiency, and environmental comfort. Known as human-centric lighting, it’s becoming the standard in offices and other businesses where a mood can be set utilizing lighting.

As you are exploring the roles controlled lighting systems can play in your building, it helps to think in terms of tiers.

Click here to learn the four tiers of commercial lighting control systems.


More Resources - What is a Bluetooth Mesh Lighting System

What is a Bluetooth Mesh Lighting System?

A Bluetooth Mesh lighting system takes over the chore of turning on light fixtures, HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), along with adjusting automatic window shades. Using a Bluetooth communications chain, you can forward the message to all connected components. You can turn the lights on the third floor on from the building’s entryway.

Before considering Bluetooth Mesh Lighting, it helps if you are familiar with the overall control process. Click here to learn more.

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