Lighting Controls for Higher Education – Creating an Optimal Experience

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Between technical advancements and the growing LED market, lighting controls are being adapted in more commercial settings that include higher education campuses.
Not only do lighting controls reduce energy usage, but the networked sensors can also create an optimal experience for occupants. A report released by Navigant Research, Market Data: Intelligent Lighting Controls, networked LED lighting controls usage is expected to see an annual growth of around 13.6% by 2026, making it an estimated $3.1 billion industry.
Lighting controls for universities can improve student and faculty experiences, but it also comes with challenges. Multiple stakeholders are involved in the decision making process, including the design and installation of the lighting controls. Even though the process is often complicated, there are benefits associated with using lighting controls in education.

Benefits of Using Lighting Controls for Universities

There are challenges higher education campuses need to overcome, but the benefits of installing lighting controls outweigh the obstacles.
Lighting controls reduce energy usage and electricity costs. It also shows the university is committing to a sustainable future. While these benefits more than make up for any installation challenge, they are not the only reasons universities are using lighting controls.
The networked controls allow schools to create an optimal environment for students, employees, and visitors.
Installing lighting controls makes it easy to create an ideal learning environment.

For those wanting a more in-depth look into today’s lighting control technologies, we have an entire blog category dedicated to lighting controls. You can find education content on topics like, blue tooth mesh, AI and LED, color and intensity controls and so much more.

Types of Lighting Controls for Higher Education

Using lighting controls in education improves student focus and creates a more comfortable environment. Universities also have options on the type of LED lighting controls they install.

Variable Occupancy Lighting Controls

Not only can teachers use lighting controls to adjust brightness, but sensors can also determine when a space is occupied. One sensor can provide complete room coverage, automatically turning the lights on and off according to occupancy.
These sensors are not limited to use only in classrooms, they also work in hallways and stairwells. The lights are only on when the space is occupied, reducing energy usage and costs.

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Multiple Purpose Areas

Higher education campuses typically have multi-use spaces like auditoriums and other large spaces. These areas serve various purposes throughout the day. For example, a morning meeting and afternoon play rehearsal.
Lighting controls in these areas can sense occupancy and allow for brightness adjustment. The lights may be brighter in the morning as the sun is rising. The controls can also centralize the light to a specific area in the space.
Before installing lighting controls in a multi-purpose space, universities want to have a strategy in place to ensure the system is efficient and easy for everyone to operate.

New Lighting Controls for Universities with Action Services Group

LED lighting control technology continues to advance. These advancements include lighting controls designed specifically for use in higher education buildings.
When you are searching for more energy-efficient lighting controls, it makes sense to talk to an expert. Action Services Group can provide lighting solutions that meet the needs of your university campus. We can help you reduce energy usage and create an environment that encourages learning.
To speak with one of our lighting control specialists call 610-558-9773, email, or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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