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With over 30 years of experience as a national service provider, e星体育官方官网offers a single point of contact for all your facility services and project management needs. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer experience, and with over 2,800 dedicated resource partners located across the United States, we can offer our customers one of the fastest national ramp-up times of any national provider. We understand the challenges facing organizations today and e星体育官方官网is here to assist.

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No facility service or project management solution is ever exactly the same. Different organizations have different needs and your solution should be tailored to fit your unique goals. From a national LED retrofit rollout, to a local electrical project, to a reginal lighting and signage service contract, we understand that you may have unique challenge that other facility service providers can’t tackle. 

e星体育官方官网is here to customize a service program or project management solution for your organization. Our facility services specialists are standing by and waiting to answer all of your questions. No matter if you are in the beginning research phase or you are ready to talk scope of work and project deadlines, we welcome the opportunity to learn more about you and your organizations requirements. You can schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.     

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LED Upgrades for Greenhouses – Five Tips to Major Savings!

Greenhouses are making the switch to LEDs and many types of crops are thriving under energy-efficient lighting. However, sometimes growers’ first choice is to go with a hybrid solution. When you are upgrading greenhouse lights to LED fixtures, it’s typically for...

Corporate Net-Zero: Where to Start, First Steps, and Microgrids

Corporate Net-Zero: Where to Start, First Steps, and Microgrids

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Backup Power Systems Can Improve Hurricane Relief

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Dark Streets Can Lead to Dangerous Scenarios

Dark Streets Can Lead to Dangerous Scenarios

Since school is back in session and daylight savings time is closing in, keeping properly working streetlights is of the utmost importance for the safety of communities. In Springfield, Mass., the city leaders are working to come up with a plan to fix their...

Investing in LED Lighting Pays Off Long Term

Investing in LED Lighting Pays Off Long Term

LED lamps have been gaining more popularity between them and the alternatives. Some of the more popular alternative bulbs include incandescent, fluorescent, CFL and many more. There are many clear differences between each lightbulb from how they’re made to the cost....

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