Configuring Bluetooth Mesh in Manufacturing Facilities

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Energy efficiency is often sub-par in manufacturing facilities. Maintaining lighting systems is difficult and expensive, especially when you factor in energy usage.

To counteract climate change and address high energy usage, state and federal governments are enacting measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing facilities. Phasing out incandescent bulbs and replacing them with energy-efficient LED lighting is a start. Energy efficiency is being further optimized with the addition of wireless lighting controls.

However, incorporating smart lighting systems in the manufacturing industry comes with challenges. While innovative new products are being installed in next gen LED and retrofit projects, the lack of control technology is limiting the scale of larger lighting projects.

Now, Bluetooth mesh is making smart lighting control systems more accessible for small and large facilities.

Lighting Controls in Manufacturing Facilities

Lighting controls are constantly advancing to meet the needs of manufacturing and industrial facilities. Working with the existing Ethernet network, the controls can automate everything from controlling energy usage to adjusting light levels and color. Some smart controls can also monitor temperature and humidity in a space.

Unfortunately, incorporating lighting controls is often difficult and expensive. Manufacturing facilities are typically older buildings that aren’t wired for ethernet-connected lighting systems. Installing the controls often requires shut down time that negatively affects the facility’s bottom line.

Instead of using wired lighting controls, the manufacturing industry is increasingly looking for wireless alternatives. But, how do you know which solution is right for your facility?

Bluetooth mesh lighting controls are some of the hottest energy efficient lighting systems on the market today. A lot of organizations are at least looking into Bluetooth mesh lighting controls, and we have a place for you to start. Check out our blog; What is a Bluetooth Mesh Lighting System?

Setting the Standard with Energy Efficient Lighting

Wireless lighting controls are a great option for small commercial spaces. Unfortunately, these systems are often single vendor solutions that limit their adoptability in manufacturing facilities. The software and hardware can’t meet the needs of larger buildings and are often difficult to integrate into existing electrical systems.

Bluetooth mesh is the best option for larger facilities, and is helping to set the standard for wireless lighting controls. The open network eliminates many of the problems encountered with Wi-Fi and other standards by extending the range of solid-state-lighting technologies.

Facility owners and managers can easily connect multiple devices since Bluetooth mesh is easily scalable. Users can add or remove lighting fixtures as needed without having to reprogram the system. Bluetooth mesh can also compensate for a failed device or blocked signal by rerouting the data. It means if one fixture fails, the system will still perform without emergency maintenance.

How Bluetooth Mesh Improves Energy Efficiency

Bluetooth mesh supports two-way communications allowing it to be used as a smart lighting solution. It also monitors the fixtures’ performance and can also track other building conditions. The embedded sensors can track room occupancy and temperature, relaying the data to a central location.

Building owners and managers get a comprehensive overview of the facility’s performance, allowing them to implement additional energy-saving strategies.

For example, a Bluetooth mesh system can measure ambient light and adjust the luminaire’s brightness levels accordingly. Other embedded sensors can monitor temperature and send the information to the facility’s HVAC system.

Using wireless lighting controls, building managers can easily track energy usage. Since manufacturing facilities often have lights on 24/7, Bluetooth mesh allows managers to easily control the lighting. They get real-time updates on energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. The system also allows for additional control solutions to further reduce energy consumption.

Improving Energy Efficiency with Action Services Group

Are you ready to learn more about Bluetooth mesh and how the system can reduce energy usage? Contact us today to see how it can improve your building’s energy efficiency.

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