Saving Money with LED’s: Maintenance Expense

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Light-emitting diodes are changing the commercial lighting maintenance landscape forever. These lights provide a variety of benefits including: boosting the energy efficiency of your lighting, increasing the lighting performance, and decreasing maintenance expenses. While all three of these topics are important, in today’s article we’ll focus specifically on maintenance reduction which is an often-overlooked benefit of installing LED’s in your facility.

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Commercial Lighting Maintenance Expense

Maintenance expenses in the lighting arena typically manifest itself in three ways:

  1. The cost of the replacement lamp or fixture
  2. The labor costs that are associated with fixing the broken light
  3. The warranty protection and duration associated with the lamp

When thinking about installing lighting in your facility, it is important to evaluate both the cost of the replacement parts and the labor that is associated with installing it when the lighting fails. As you perform your due diligence of lighting products available, you will see that there is a vast range in total operating hours prior to failure.

Different Lamps and Commercial Lighting Maintenance

At one end of the spectrum is the traditional incandescent bulb. These types of bulbs have a notoriously short lifespan, on average they last about 1,000 hours per bulb. If we compare that to modern-day LED’s, the contrast is striking. A typical LED will last about 50,000 to 100,000 hours without a decrease in the light output. This is because LED’s generate light via a semiconductor, and don’t need to burn a filament to create light. If you think about that from a commercial lighting maintenance perspective you would have had to replace the incandescent bulb 50 times, for every one time with an led fixture. Depending on the size of your facility that maintenance savings could be significant.

Lamp Lifespan Graph

Below is a graph that showcases the different lifespans of lights that are on the market.

Type of Light Lifespan Lifespan Improvement With LED Lights
LED Light 25,000 to 100,000+ hours
incandescent light Bulb 1,200 hours 20-85 Times Longer
Halogen Light Bulb 2,500 hours 10-40 Times Longer
Mercury Vapor Light 24,000 hours Up to 4 Times Longer
Fluorescent Light Bulb 7,000 to 30,000 hours Equivalent or up to 15 times longer for older fluorescents
Metal Halide Bulbs 6,000 to 15,000 hours 2-15 Times Longer
High & Low-Pressure Sodium Light 18,000 to 24,000 hours Up to 5 Times Longer

This table showcases the vast differences in the lifespan of traditional lighting versus LED lighting. On average LED can last 2 to 10 times longer than other lights on the market. This translates to massive reductions in commercial lighting maintenance and service calls for your lights. In addition to the dramatically increased lifespan with LED Lighting. The warranty for LED lights are significantly longer than their HID counterparts. A traditional lighting warranty for an HID bulb would be 3 years long, the same warranty for an LED light would be 5 years or often even 10 years long!


In conclusion, we can see that investing in LED Lighting can drastically decrease your commercial lighting maintenance expenses over the long term. While LED’s are slightly more expensive upfront. The benefits over the duration of the lighting far outweigh the initial upfront investment. To learn more about what an LED lighting retrofit might look like for your business reach out to us here at Action Services Group  by calling 610-558-9773, email, or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.. We would be happy to put together a free, no-obligation assessment for your facility. Thanks, we look forward to speaking with you.


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